Farm Fresh Popcorn

Go Local with Farm Fresh Popcorn

Our popcorn is grown outside of Arcadia, Ohio. We grow a yellow, butterfly variety that makes delicious airy, fluffy popcorn. The butter and seasonings easily stick to the many irregular-shaped "wing" that stick out from the sides. This your traditional movie theater style popcorn that is perfect for snacking.

Our entire process, seed to package, is done right on our farm, ensuring the best product is delivered to our customers. Unlike commercial processors, we do not store popcorn for years on end before it reaches the package. Because we have the ability to sort every ear of corn and package the popcorn at the ideal moisture level, our popcorn is light, crisp, and has fewer hulls. Our popcorn is non-GMO, 100% whole grain, and a high fiber snack!


Ohio Proud!

We are also Ohio Proud! When you see the Ohio Proud logo, you know you are getting Ohio-made and grown products. Ohio Proud is a quick and reliable way for you to identify Ohio-made and grown products. Every dollar spent on Ohio Proud products reinvests in the state's economy. Support local!