Our Popcorn Process

Prior to spring, we spend time researching and taste testing different varieties and hybrids of popcorn seed from our vendor to determine the best end product for our customers. Some factors we look at to decide what we will pant are weather tolerance, yield and of course taste! 

In the spring, once the ground is fit, we plant the popcorn seeds with a planter. This typically happens in mid-May. We have a lot of help doing this project as the kids love to help with filling planter boxes and being co-pilot in the tractor.


In the fall, we harvest the popcorn using a corn picker. While we could do this with the combine, our goal is to preserve the integrity of the popcorn kernel and prevent damage to kernel as kernel damage leads to lower popping volume. The corn picker picks the ear of corn off the stalk, but leaves the kernel on the ear which then falls into a wagon. 

The harvested ears are then shelled using a corn sheller. In our first year, we used a hand crank sheller. As we have grown, we have invested in larger equipment to handle a bigger volume while still preserving the integrity of the popcorn. Before the shelling process happens, we shell a few ears and test the kernel moisture with a moisture tester. The ideal moisture content for popcorn should be around 13.5% for the best popping. 


After the shelling process, we take the kernels to an offsite facility to be sorted and cleaned. After the popcorn has been cleaned, we package it up in various sizes of bags and distribute the popcorn to our loyal customers. Planting, harvesting, shelling and packaging is done right on our farm, ensuring the best product is delivered to our customers. 

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